SERGEI ISUPOV in ETDM for the last week

The last picture is view from under the sculpture, all the pieces are exposed on the glass cubes in order to allow visitors to enjoy this view as well.

Sergei Isupov JALAD MAAS (FIRMLY STANDING) in the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn Lai Str 17, Estonia until 17.10.2010

A lecture by the artist on 14 October at 5pm at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

Sergei Isupov was born in Stavropol, Russia, but was raised in Ukraine. His parents are artists– his father paints and draws, his mother is a ceramic artist. After graduating from art school in Ukraine, Isupov entered the Estonian Academy of Arts (then the State Art Institute) ceramics department. Already during his student days, Isupov developed the bold, eclectic signature that would become his trademark. Innovative, and iconoclastic on the local level, it was a source of inspiration to his fellow students as well. Alongside work in a more traditional applied art vein, his forays into monumental, sculptural type work took him to the periphery between fine art and applied art while still at the outset of his career as an artist. Isupov graduated from the Academy of Arts in 1990. Five years later, he emigrated to America, where he lives and works to this day. In the last couple years, Estonia has once again become an important place in Isupov’s life and he makes a point of spending as much time as possible here along with his family.

It is hard to name just one specific influence on Isupov’s work. As a cosmopolite, he is equally at home anywhere he can work – and work he does, constantly. Isupov is typified by his ability to fuse three-dimensional treatment of form with imaginative themes, often bordering from the realism to the absurd and the arcane, all supported by a sprightly and awe-inspiring sensibility for material – his understanding of the possibilities of ceramics, porcelain and glazes is nonpareil. Isupov manipulates materials like an illusionist who conjures up captivating contrasts and unexpected perspectives. His sculptures invite viewers to peruse them from all sides – even from beneath – in order to realize the grand scale of the artist’s vision. Isupov’s work is like an endless quest for perfection that continues, right up to some big change in his life that introduces a new theme into his art. For years, he has been inspired by people’s multifaceted nature, their surroundings, by history, politics and culture. Creating art is Isupov’s lifestyle – everything that surrounds him, all that he experiences and all that inspires him… it is all expressed in his work.

The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design Gallery presents Isupov’s latest work, recently completed in Estonia. After the end of the exhibition, the works will travel to New York for his solo show held there in November. Sergei Isupov’s work can also be seen in the collections of over 20 museums worldwide. He is represented in the US by Ferrin Gallery.

Ketli Tiitsar

Translation by Kristopher Rikken


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