My solo exhibition will be open until 5th of November


HOP gallery 17.10. – 05.11. 2013

A large part of ideas and source material for jewelery presented at this exhibition have started their lives in the living room. Living room is a space that is meant for recreation and socializing and which often represents the family values. The integrated environment is designed with carefully selected articles that carry the personal beliefs of the family members, their taste, traditions, memories or spontaneous recognitions. Nowadays, a unique sense of style allows those who wish for it, to gain fame at endless interior design competitions, where a comprehensive self-making is often the most important evaluation criterion.

Self-made things have values that make them interesting, even when they appear to be temporally worthless and they’ll be cast aside as inappropriate or for thirst for novelty. Recycling circle gives them new assessed values, such as, besides handicraft, also scuffs, cracks, imperfections.

With jewelery I’m interested in relations between seemingly incompatible things. Combining the existing objects, which creation has been a result of someone’s temporal resource, skills and fantasy, with my ideas and materials circle. I treat things created by others respectfully, but mostly I look aside from the author’s focus, interfere and bring out what’s valuable for me.


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