Figurative Sense during Budapest Design Week in Toldi Art Cinema

Over long time.

I am posting the images of the exhibition project “Figurative Sense” initiated by Estonian Institute in Hungary where I participated together with Anneli Tammik, Maria Valdma and Kaire Rannik in the Toldi Art Cinema in Budapest (4.10-16.10.2014).

We all chose one Estonian film most influential to us and photographed our works in this ambience, at the same time avoiding coping the original. The idea behind it was to bring jewellery out from white cube and open up it up to new possible concepts and understandings. Also to accommodate audience, loving movies but not often visiting galleries, into perceiving contemporary jewellery through the medium they are used to.

For the source of inspiration I chose the film by Veiko Õunpuu “Autumn Ball” (“Sügisball”. 2007). It is a beautiful, melancholic masterpiece talking about different people living in the city in a so called “concreate bedroom community”, unable to make contact with others or to make a change.

The collection I photographed was “Tiger in the Living Room”(2013). In my work I focus on everyday environment, on what people gather around them and how do they define their private space. Can such a personal objects and materials have the meaning for others? What kind of memory do they carry? Will they be recognized for some new qualities while deconstructed into jewellery?

Loneliness of a person in the city even while surrounded by many others was something I picked from the movie for my photo session. I asked an actress Tiina Tauraite to be the model and I am so grateful she agreed. She actually performed in the film too. I love her as she is marvelous actress but also very beautiful women, with a strong personality. We shot the series in Lasnamäe, Tallinn.

Photographer was Dénes Farkas. Make-up by Irma Viidalepp. Special thanks to Elin Kard who let us shoot in her beautiful home and to my dear friend Leena Kuutma, who helped me to choose the shooting spots and who also volunteered to be test-model. Later on I will post some images which were left out from the original set.


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