June 3rd, 2009 by admin

I am an artist, living in Tallinn, Estonia and dealing with contemporary jewellery as well as with applied arts and design. The project to create my website seems to take … still forever. So meanwhile in this blog I show you places, people and things I find interesting/inspiring. Welcome!


  • francisca kweitel

    ehy! finally, i don’t have your e.mail… i’m just arrived to lappeenranta, i can’t believe it! i’m in the tarja apartment now. i really would like to see you in tallin………………… tell me your timeschedule. best best regards, fran

  • ela bauer

    hi dear ketli!

    how are you??? how was your home-come-back???? surely grat!!
    a very nice blog you have! (my website hasn’t been updated for ages, it is so nice to have such a frech and actual site!)
    i actually wanted to mail you some photo’s i have of you from mex., but i haven’t got your email address… can you mail me so i can mail you…
    let’s keep in touch!


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