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An interview with Francisca Kweitel

April 17th, 2011 by ketli

I am very glad to present an interview with talented Francisca Kweitel. Francisca lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is actively making, thinking and promoting jewellery in every possible way and above all of it she is drop dead sharming person. You can read it both in Spanish or in English. I hope […]

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Berit Teeäär – Free Belgium!

February 26th, 2011 by ketli

Today was the last day for the exhibition, a little late but as I promised, here is the interview Berit gave to the gallerist. Elin Kard: Would you explain the title of the exhibition? Berit Teeäär: The viewers have the right either to choose their own explanation or interpretation of the title, or they can […]

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Coming soon! Solo „FREE BELGIUM!“ by Berit Teeäär

February 15th, 2011 by ketli

My dear friend Berit is opening her first solo on Wednesday at 5pm in Draakoni Gallery, Tallinn! Soon I will add her interview in English too. Kolmapäeval, 16.02.2011 kell 17.00 avatakse Draakoni galeriis BERIT TEEÄÄR´e (1970) isikunäitus „FREE BELGIUM!“ Elin Kard: Kas „Belgia vabaks!“ või „Vaba Belgia!“ ? Berit Teeäär: Vaatajal on muidugi õigus valida […]

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1. An interview with Anna Rikkinen and Nelli Tanner

November 4th, 2010 by ketli

I decided to start interviewing jewellery artists who’s works and way of working I admire. First interview is with two Finnish artists Nelli Tanner and Anna Rikkinen who are both well recognised after their independent work but they are also making collaboration. The good example of their work together was the exhibition “The Little Red […]

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